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LifeWatchGreece Special Collection in Biodiversity Data Journal

The LifeWatchGreece Special Collection is now available in Biodiversity Data Journal, with a series of articles highlighting key contributions to the large-scale European LifeWatch RI.

The Software Description papers explain the LifeWatchGreece Portal, where all the e-Services and the vLabs provided by LifeWatchGreece RI are hosted; the Data-Services based on semantic web technologies, which provide detailed and specialized search paths to facilitate data mining; the R vLab which can be used for a series of statistical analyses in ecology, based on an integrated and optimized online R environment; and the Micro-CT vLab, which allows the online exploration, dissemination and interactive manipulation of micro-tomography datasets.

New publication on benthic biodiversity and port pollution

A new publication has just been released in the Science of the Total Environment by Eva Chatzinikolaou, Manolis Mandalakis, Panagiotis Damianidis, Thanos Dailianis, Simone Gambineri, Claudia Rossano, Felicita Scapini, Alessandra Carucci and Christos Arvanitidis.

Spatio-temporal benthic biodiversity patterns and pollution pressure in three Mediterranean touristic ports (

New monograph

A new monograph implemented within the LifewatchGreece RI has just been released in Biodiversity Data Journal by
Sarah Faulwetter, Nomiki Simboura, Nikolaos Katsiaras, Giorgos Chatzigeorgiou and Christos Arvanitidis.
Polychaetes of Greece: an updated and annotated checklist. Biodiversity Data Journal 5: e20997; doi: 10.3897/BDJ.5.e20997



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