Hands-on-workshop (hackathon): From signals to environmentally tagged sequences III (SeqEnv III)

Dates: Monday 22 - Thursday 25 Sept 2014

Venue: Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Crete, Greece

Organizers: Dr. Evangelos Pafilis ( (local)

                     Dr. Christopher Quince (University of Glasgow,

                     Dr. Umer Zeeshan Ijaz (University of Glasgow,

Scientific Background

LifewatchGreece Data Management Workshop, 30 June - 3 July 2014

The first LifeWatchGreece Data Management workshop was successfully held at HCMR-Crete, gathering 29 LifeWatchGreece Data Managers from all over Greece.  During the workshop an extended and detailed discussion took place regarding the Policy of Open Access to Biodiversity Data and the benefits of establishing a data repository in the Greek Territory. Many of the participants expressed the necessity for a successfull strategy to be followed in order to convince the data providers to contribute to the LifeWatchGreece Research Infrastructure (LWG RI), an infrastructure that foressees to be the national cadastre of biodiversity.

R Hackathon

The report of the "R for LifeWatchers workshop" is available here.

Announcing the R for LifeWatchers Hands-on Tutorial

The aim of this Hands-on tutorial is to bring people involved in the development of the "R virtual lab" part of the LifeWatch ESFRI project, together with leading experts in R. This will aid in the implementation of an optimized (with respect to computational speed-up) R online environment, which will be hosted at the LifeWatch website and will be readily available for all users to perform their analyses.

Dates: 29/07-01/08.

Venue Location: Hellenic Center Marine Research, Crete, Greece

Funding: LifeWatch Greece (

LifewatchGreece Data Management Workshop

The first meeting of LifeWatch Greece Data Managers will take place at the HCMR Crete, 30 June - 3 July 2014. This meeting will bring together all LifeWatch Greece Data Managers, who are connected with several Universities and Institutes from all over Greece. The workshop will give an opportunity to exchange expertise and knowledge, and to investigate challenges and problems related to the implementation of the project. In particular, the data sharing policy, as well as the data collection and quality control procedures, will be analysed. The agenda of the Workshop is available here.

LifeWatch marine thematic technical workshop

A LifeWatch technical scientific workshop was successfully held between 3-5 June 2014 at the premises of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research in Crete (HCMR Crete). It was targeted to the development of a Marine Virtual Research Environment (VRE) in the framework of LifeWatch ESFRI. More than 30 participants, representing 7 countries and 14 institutes (see details here) convened to present their latest LifeWatch-relevant developments, discuss next steps and explore further collaborations. Consistent to HCMR's focus on the marine type of environments, emphasis was given in connecting the marine data systems and workflows through existing technologies and developments.