WoRCS Project Report published in the open access journal Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO)

The report of the first Editor Workshop of the WoRCS initiative (22-25 February 2016, Oostende, Belgium), co-authored by the WoRCS Editor Group and the WoRMS Data Management Team, was published today in the open access journal Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO):

Gerovasileiou V, Martínez A, Álvarez F, Boxshall G, Humphreys W, Jaume D, Becking L, Muricy G, van Hengstum P, Dekeyzer S, Decock W, Vanhoorne B, Vandepitte L, Bailly N, Iliffe T (2016) World Register of marine Cave Species (WoRCS): a new Thematic Species Database for marine and anchialine cave biodiversity. Research Ideas and Outcomes 2: e10451. doi: 10.3897/rio.2.e10451
The publication describes the aims and scope of the WoRCS Thematic Species Database (TSD), presents the main data sources and current status of the TSD, and several other aspects of the initiative, such as governance and policies, dissemination activities, strategic plans and perspectives. The Project Report also presents the list of targeted data and the associated vocabulary that will be used for the categorization of species, marine caves and anchialine systems, in the TSD.
 A press release regarding the WoRCS initiative was also published in EurekAlert and RIO blog.
The initiative was supported by LifeWatch, the E-Science European Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, through grants allocated by LifeWatch Belgium to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) developed and maintained in VLIZ. LifeWatch Belgium provided the funds to VLIZ to host the 1st Editor Workshop through a competitive grant mechanism.LifeWatchGreece provided the staff time for the global workshop organization: V. Gerovasileiou and N. Bailly. LifeWatchGreece infrastructure (MIS 384676) is funded by the Greek Government under the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT), ESFRI Projects, National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF).


Link: http://rio.pensoft.net/articles.php?id=10451