useR! 2015 in Aalborg, Denmark

Dr. Patkos Theodore and Mr Varsos Constantinos from the LifeWatchGreece team participated in the annual useR! international R User conference conducted in Aalborg during June 30 – July 03 2015. The methodology and infrastructure of the R vlab that was developed within LifeWatchGreece were presented in a multivariate audience, including students, researchers, academics and entrepreneurs from around the world, with different interests, since the conference had a pluralistic thematology. This presentation can be found below.

The annual useR! international R User conference is the main meeting of the R user and developer community. The agenda included both invited and user-contributed presentations:

  • The invited keynote lectures covered a broad spectrum of topics ranging from technical and R-related computing issues to general statistical topics of current interest.
  • The user-contributed presentations were submitted as abstracts prior to the conference and may be related to (virtually) any R-related topic. The presentations were typically organised in sessions of either broad or special interest, which also comprised a "free" discussion format. Such a discussion format not only provided a forum for software demonstrations and detailed discussions but also supported the self-organisation of the respective communities.

The annual R conference brought together users and developers from academia and industry. There were organised 29 oral sessions with talks ranging from business, science, programming and teaching. In addition to these 130+ oral presentations, shorter lightning talks and posters with R as the main theme were presented.

The number of participants were more than 600 from more than 60 countries around the world. Also many sponsors contributed to the conference such as Google, HP, R Studio e.t.c..