50th European Marine Biology Symposium on Helgoland

The 50th European Marine Biology Symposium (http://www.awi.de/embs50) was held in Helgoland (Germany) between the 21st and 25th of September 2015. Dr Christos Arvanitidis, coordinator of LifeWatchGreece, presented the aims and scope of the project to the congress participants'. In addition, Dr Arvanitidis presented the R Virtual Laboratory (R vLab) and its optimized functions for analysis of ecological community data. Furthermore, one of the sessions in the symposium was dedicated to the EMBOS project (http://embos.info/). In that session, Dr Arvanitidis presented an analysis of the structural vs functional patterns in the European soft bottom communities, using data derived from the EMBOS project and the analytical tools of the RvLab.

The presentations can be found attached below.